Hemp Muffin

Our hemp muffin is made with sourdough yeast, according to the English tradition of dough processing, and with high-quality ingredients, from flours to sugar. Hemp flour, rich in protein, fibre, omega 3, 6, and 9 and vitamins, is an excellent ingredient to create good and healthy desserts at the same time. The long and delicate dough process, combined with the long and slow leavening of about 26 hours, allows the aromas and perfumes of hemp and other ingredients to blend in a full and harmonious taste, which makes this soft and delicious cake. The glaze makes it even more inviting Each piece is handmade in famous Italian bakeries.

Would you like to bake delicious hemp muffins with your own hands? Follow Dolcevita’s recipe for a simple twist with the addition of simple ingredients such as cinnamon, which will bring your desserts to another level.

Muffin ingredient list: type 1 flour, mother yeast, sugar, butter, pasteurized egg yolk, hemp flour, natural flavours, salt.
For the icing: almond flour, pasteurized egg white.


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