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What is CBD? Some clear information about the CBD molecule

First of all: CBD and THC are really different. What is CBD? What’s the difference between CBD and THC? Hemp has always been found to have the most various applications, from the therapeutic, recreational to the fashion ones. That being said, it does not surprise that the first cultivations date back to more than 5000 years […]

The great Cannabis revolution in South America: step towards legalization

Grande Rivoluzione Cannabis Sud America

In recent years, the Cannabis market has emerged from the shadows in Latin America and has started to attract the attention of many companies and international investors. Nowadays, not only many states are decriminalizing the possession, consumption and cultivation of marijuana, but also they are legalizing and increasing the production of cannabis for therapeutic or […]

CBD and cannabis light as a cure for insomnia: do they work?

CBD Cannabis Light Cura Per Insonnia

Can CBD and cannabis light help overcome insomnia and regulate the sleep/wake cycle? Many people use CBD and cannabis light to relax, thanks to their relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. However, can high concentrations of cannabidiol influence sleep-wake rhythms and be considered a real cure for insomnia? To find out, we decided to do some research […]