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CBD and cannabis light in the management of Attention Deficit Disorders

Uses and benefits of CBD OIL

Can CBD and cannabis Light be an alternative cure for those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorders?

Many adults affected by Attention Deficit and various parents of kids suffering from this disorder believe that CBD can be a valuable aid in the management of symptoms or even a replacement therapy to traditional pharmacological treatments. In this article, let’s try to understand more about this type of disease which is typical of childhood and then focus on the canonical treatments and the alternative ones based on CBD.

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What are ADHD and ADD?

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is an evolving disorder of self-control, which includes difficulty in concentration, in impulse and activity level control (with the manifestation of hyperactivity and aggression). Basically, since childhood these people find difficult to adjust their behaviour based on the available time they have to complete a task and on the requests from the environment. ADHD is not a normal phase in the life of a lively child, but it is a real health problem and both the kid and the family need full support with specific pharmacological and behavioural treatments.

Another self-control disorder included in the definition of ADHD is ADD, which stands for Attention Deficit Disorder, which appears when the kid shows particular difficulty in concentrating and in case of little memory, but does not manifest aggression, overexcitement and hyperactivity.

ADHD is a disorder that usually occurs in early childhood but it may also continue in adulthood. In many cases, the difficulties decrease over time and the pathology regresses, or instead by growing up the person manages to find strategies to lead a completely functional life anyway.

The reasons for the onset of these syndromes are still quite unknown. To this day, researches may have demonstrated a prevalent genetic aetiology at the base of the neurobiological imbalances which cause the disease. For what concerns the environmental factor, it may have very little influence on the development of this pathology.

Use of CBD for the management of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in adults

Many adults who suffer from ADHD believe that consuming cannabis or CBD is helpful in managing the symptoms of the disorder, especially when it comes to controlling concentration and impulsivity. CBD products are used with ADHD and ADD as a real self-medication and there are many people who witness that cannabis is effective for this type of diseases. However, there have been carried out only few investigations which have seriously taken into consideration cannabis and its derivatives as a real treatment option. Unfortunately, the explanations on why cannabis appears to be effective are still very limited.

One of the most likely theory is that CBD present in cannabis acts as a stimulant of dopamine levels, just like the drugs prescribed for ADHD. This would also explain the reason why many people replace cannabis or CBD extracts to official medical drugs. Cannabidiol, therefore, can improve attention and

it helps in managing hyperactivity. Moreover, its antidepressive, anxiolytic and painkilling properties are a very valid alternative to treat Attention Deficit Disorders and other neurological problems.

Ritalin and Adderal VS CBD

On one hand, self-medication can be a relatively simple choice for an adult, while on the other hand it is much more difficult and even more dangerous to experiment and evaluate the effects of a do-it-yourself cure for minors. Nevertheless, we are confident in saying that in many avant-garde countries (such as the United States and Canada), experts treat many childhood behavioural deficits with CBD concentrates and they appear to be an highly effective cures even in kids. Indeed, they present fewer side effects than Ritalin or Adderal, which are the stimulant drugs commonly used to treat these diseases. In short, it seems that cannabidiol is safer than the most common therapies used against ADHD and ADD.

Although CBD comes from the cannabis plant, it has no psychotropic effect (for which it is responsible another molecule in cannabis called THC). During the process of CBD extraction, THC is isolated and eliminated, therefore it does not create problems of any kind. The side effects of CBD such as the possibility of nausea, diarrhoea, fatigue, drowsiness, changes in appetite and dry mouth are considered minor effects. They are really rare and they are not comparable with those triggered by drugs conventionally used to treat ADHD.

Thanks to the recent legalization of cannabis in many countries around the world and the incentives provided by the World Health Organization for medical research into cannabis, we are certain that studies on the use of CBD for the management of Attention Deficit Disorders will have finally the attention they deserve. Furthermore, we are confident that it will be shortly introduced an enforced and safe protocol for kids too.

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