CBWEED was born in Forlì in September 2017 from the idea of 9 professionals from different sectors, with a passion in common: that for hemp and its boundless worlds.
After the opening of the first official shop in Forlì in October of the same year, several inaugurations follow one another in a few weeks and CBWEED comes to skirt the whole of Emilia-Romagna, soon expanding even outside.
The company, with a total staff of 25 employees at headquarters, currently has an exhibition showroom, 40 franchised stores and several hundred retailers throughout the country.
But CBWEED does not stop and soon decides to focus on the European market that enthusiastically welcomes the initiative and foresight of the brand.
To date it boasts several important collaborations with Eastern European countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece; France and Spain have also joined the CBWEED business in the last year.
In just three years since the launch of the business, the goals achieved and the boundaries felled have gone far beyond the initial expectations of the founders of the company. Today, in our projects there is a further expansion and reinforcement of what is the presence on European territory, aiming to go further and further.
The flagship of the company is certainly the GROWERS DEPARTMENT, which sows, pampers, cultivates and collects all the inflows that are then sold in stores, controlling the supply chain in all its passages.
The official CBWEED website is not only the showcase of a large franchise and its e-commerce, but aims to become a point of reference for everything related to legal cannabis: its editorial staff takes care, day after day news, insights and curiosities on all aspects concerning hemp (light and not). The editors work to raise awareness of the subject, starting from the information and understanding of the same.
Without knowledge bases it is impossible to break down the barrier of stereotypes and false beliefs that our culture often and willingly inculcates us, preventing us from enjoying the multiple uses and positive effects of beloved cannabis.
The editors of CBWEED magazine are young, creative and dynamic; its members have diverse backgrounds, which give freshness, novelty and diversification within the CBWEED Communication team.
CBWEED SRL Viale Roma 203 A/B – 47122 Forlì (FC)
VAT 04344770401
Phone: +39 0543 093663
WhatsApp: +39 333 2601205
Email: info@cbweed.com