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Hotboxing, the guide: what it is and all the tricks to do it properly

Among the ploys to enjoy a couple of happy hours with few friends and a cannabis top, hotboxing has become very popular lately, a practice as old as the discovery of marijuana, which today is definitely back in fashion.  You see it in the movies, you hear quoted in the songs of American rappers and you see it in music videos.  Obviously, in Italy, smoking cannabis (also light!) And its derivatives are illegal so we absolutely do not recommend it. However, we have decided for those curious about hotboxing to give in-depth explanations on this particular practice connected to the world of marijuana.

What is hotboxing?

The principle of hotboxing is very simple, almost elementary: we find ourselves in a very small and closed space as hermetically as possible and we smoke cannabis saturating the air with vapours.  It is a fun strategy that allows you to reach a decidedly high level but must be accompanied by some precautions.  To be really “hotbox” the chosen room or environment must be absolutely well insulated and without air exchange. Furthermore, it is necessary to use a sufficient quantity of cannabis to create a beautiful thick blanket of smoke.

Why do many love hotboxing?

Well, because it’s a fun practice to do in groups and a pretty effective way to accentuate the effects of a rod or a bong.  In fact, smoking in a small and closed environment causes the oxygen present in the air to decrease and increases the concentration of carbon dioxide, which immediately increases the effect of THC on our body and brain and busts with powerful intensity.  Being in a room where people are practising hotboxing without smoking, however, THC and CBD are absorbed through a passive method, also the consumption of those who smoke is decidedly amplified.

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How to prepare your own hotbox party

To organize a hotbox with bows you need a good deal of organisation: it is not enough to have a little smoke available but you also need to think about the right setting and create a good atmosphere.  First, you know that quantities are important: to have a good effect you will need a nice layer of smoke.  The idea is to saturate the air in the room and to do this you will need several grams of cannabis.

The ideal is to smoke in more than one person at the same time to avoid dispersion, or in addition to some canes you can also prepare a bong, the important thing is to light at the same time.

Remember that smoking dispersion is your worst ally.  Check that all the windows are closed and if possible also close the doors communicating with the rooms adjacent to the one where you are: it will be more difficult to saturate a spacious room.  If you notice drafts coming from doors and windows, cover them with towels.

The best cannabis variety for a hotbox

There is obviously no rule in this regard but the advice is to start with an excellent Sativa with energizing implications, perfect to warm the waters and make your experiment sociable and positive;  It is a good idea to keep the end a little indulgent, relaxing and soothing.  Many people also like to alternate stimulating variety cycles with relaxing varieties … consider yourself how to proceed based on the vibrations you want for your session.

Watch out for the location

For a successful hotboxing session, it is necessary that the location is perfect, welcoming, safe, discreet and full of comfort.  In fact, choosing a place where you feel comfortable and at ease can really positively influence the emotions that arise during the experience, so carefully plan where to organize your hotbox.  Attention and ensure that everything you need is always at hand (getting out and back in should be prohibited to limit the dispersion of fumes).

A very popular solution is the inside of a car, obviously positioned away from sources of disturbance, perhaps in an internal garden or in a garage.  Remember not to skimp with the cushions, the coloured blankets and make sure you have the right lighting so as not to end up with a big flop.  If you want a slightly more special environment you can opt for a tent, because the intimate and romantic atmosphere of a cannabis-impregnated tepee is unforgettable.  If the surface is too breathable cover it with blankets and sheets and you will have a perfect seal environment.

Do hotbox safely

Obviously your session will have to be absolutely safe and you will have to be careful to avoid any risk.  The worst is the presence of flammable substances, an exaggerated use of alcohol concomitantly with smoking and the presence of dangerous environments (difficult stairs, cliffs, near the sea or swimming pools).  This is because hotboxing can cause vertigo or decrease the sense of danger.  Obviously, when hotboxing is practised, all participants must be consenting because even passive smoking can provoke reactions.  To recover in the event of excessive downtime, keep orange juice or citrus fruit handy.

The final touches

What is missing?  A good selection of music that includes various genres and with the possibility of varying according to the mood of the moment, comfortable pillows, soft lighting, blankets, soft drinks and many many sweet and savoury snacks.  If you want to consume alcohol you could opt for a couple of hemp beers that can help you get into the right mood.

However, once again, remember: consuming cannabis in Italy is not legal.










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