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How to choose cannabis light seeds: type, quality and appearance

If you’re wondering which cannabis seeds you can use for your cultivation, then you should avoid some common mistakes in order to get the result you want. Choosing the seeds is a crucial moment: it’s the starting point of the process which will get you to create something good with your own hands, so you’d better be careful during this first step. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right marijuana seeds for perfect inflorescences. First, it is important to know that female plants are the most important in the world of marijuana! Flowers only grow indeed from cannabis female plants. So your main aim should be planting only preselected cannabis female seeds, called “feminized” seeds. We’d also like to underline the fact that planting seeds is not the only way to grow cannabis: you can also decide to start cultivating with some cuttings. If you decided to use seeds instead, you will still have a wide range of possibilities to choose from: you’ll have to decide the type of cultivation (indoor, outdoor, on the ground, hydroponic, aeroponic), then you should consider the fact that each strain of cannabis need different lightenings and that each seed will get to different results depending on the strain it belongs to. Are you looking for a plant with high concentrations of THC? Or maybe you prefer CBD to be more prevalent? It is really important to ask yourself these questions before staring the process in order to get inflorescences which will suit your necessities and your taste.

Cannabis strains

When choosing the seeds, it is important to know which strain you’re going to grow: the main three are sativa, indica and ruderalis. Those three different ecotypes belong to the same family of Cannabaceae plants: they have many common traits as well as differences between each other. The most popular strain surely is sativa: the one that usually grows vertically. Its inflorescences are commonly refined and rich in cannabinoids and terpenes: for this reason they’re are quite strong energy boosters, however this strain takes longer to be harvested. Indica doesn’t grow vertically as the sativa strain, on the contrary it grows rather horizontally. Its leaves are quite large but the flowers are often small, with strong relaxing properties. The ruderalis strain, instead, is also called “auto flowering” because it grows very quickly, it adapts itself even to the most rigid temperatures and it blooms regardless of the photoperiod: it can be constantly exposed to light to accelerate the blooming of the flowers. Even though this characteristic is really appreciated by geneticists, ruderalis’ flowers properties are usually weaker than in other strains. You will also find some hybrids of the different ecotypes, specifically designed to mix the positive characteristics of the different strains. Each hybrid has got a predominant genetic type which mainly determines the qualities of the plant.

How to be sure of choosing high quality seeds

If you choose a strain produced by famous and successful seeds banks and professionals, you’ll have quite fair probabilities of your product being what is written on the label. Unfortunately there are a lot of unreliable growers who sell low quality seeds: they will probably make you save some money by purchasing their seeds, but then you will end up with lots of male seeds which cannot grow anything worthy. Do you really want to waste so much time and so many energies? For this reason we started a collaboration with Green House Seeds, the world’s most important seeds bank.

Elements to pay attention to when buying seeds

Once you’re sure of the expertise and the reliability of the seller and once you’ve studied the plant’s genetic possibilities, you’re ready to purchase your seeds. Now you must carefully consider how the seeds you want appear to the eye. A good seed from which high quality cannabis plants will grow should be brown/dark brown (Indica strains often have black spots). If the seeds are lighter or even green, we suggest you not to buy them. Plus, it is essential that the seeds are hard when touched, neither crumbly nor soft since those could indicate that the seeds are old or even rotten. The size of the seeds, instead, varies depending on the strain you choose: generally sativa seeds are the smallest, while indica are much bigger.

Seeds conservation

It is very important that the seed is correctly preserved before being planted, both by the seller and the client. A correctly conserved seed will blossom even after years since its harvest, while a badly preserved one could become sterile in a few days time. So remeber to store your seeds far from light and heat sources, in a not too dry environment. Avoid strong temperature shifts and anything which could create some condensation, but always try to keep a medium room temperature (neither too cold nor too hot).









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