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1001 ways to grind cannabis: tools to grind your weed

First of all: smoking cannabis is still illegal in most of european countries. In this article we’ll teach you how to roll your joint, pretending you’re somewhere like California, where this practice is allowed. To correctly roll your joint you have to make sure your cannabis bud is evenly grinded in very small pieces, but not dusted: this will allow you to have a perfect combustion. But how can we do it? There are several methods to grind cannabis from the most to the least professional… Here’s our tips and tricks to perfectly grind your buds. In many countries, smoking a joint for recreational purposes is still forbidden, while many other states completely legalized this practice over the last few years. If you’re willing to perfectly grind your cannabis, you can do it the professional way with a grinder, or even manually with whatever you find at home. The result will be great even with the homemade methods, you’ll probably just have to put more effort on it. Here’s our suggestions on how to grind cannabis.

Using a grinder

Of course, if you’ve got a grinder available, that’s what we recommend using! This tiny box with grinding teeth is ideal to obtain an even blend, there are many options on the market from the simplest and cheapest to the fancier and more expensive ones. Grinders are actually super on trend lately, and besides being perfect to chop your buds, they’re also super useful to collect the precious kief. If you have your own grinder, go ahead and use it, but if not… You can use one of the following smart alternative methods.

With mortar and pestle

In many places where cannabis is part of the cultural tradition, this is the favorite method to grind it: a waterproof mortar and a heavy pestle is surely a practical solution. If you’re choosing the same that you usually use to cook, make sure it’s clean and completely dry (any food residue could completely ruin your joint). Same when you’re done with your cannabis: make sure you clean up your tools (and collect the residues of kief). Also, be careful not to insist too much on the buds, otherwise the result will be too thin and dusty.

Using a coffee grinding machine

This tool was very common in the past but nowadays it’s kinda rare. If you still have one at home, it’s time to use it again to chop your cannabis! The coffee grinding machine chops and grinds everything you put inside it: after cleaning and drying it, put your buds inside and turn the wheel. You’ll obtain a quite even and thin blend of cannabis. If you’re not satisfied with the result, repeat the procedure one more time. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t allow you to collect kief or resin, since they will stick to the tool’s gears.

Using knife and chopping board

A super easy and practical method is for sure the one with knife and chopping board, as if you were chopping some parsley. You’ll need a smooth and sharp blade, we recommend you not to use a serrated blade otherwise you’ll ruin the result. To avoid undesired smells, make sure your tools are perfectly clean and be careful not to hurt yourself if you’re not 100% lucid while you do it.


This useful object is also super common and available in every house. Take your scissors, clean and dry the blades, then start chopping from the edge of the bud, making sure that the residue is falling on a plate, or at least on a clean surface. If the result doesn’t satisfy your needs, try working it with your hands to make it thinner and more even.


This method is quite simple and effective, but doesn’t allow you to get a thin result. Take a classic cheese grater and then grate your bud: et voilà, it’s done! We don’t recommend this method to those with poor manual skills or already high…Chances to scratch your fingers are real! To clean the surface, we suggest leaving the grater in abundant warm water with some dishwashing liquid.

Using your hands to chop cannabis

What if you were on a desert island? No grinder, no alternative tools… But you’ve still got your hands! If you simply don’t feel like looking for any extra help, just take the bud between your fingers and start making a light pressure while doing small circular movements with your thumb and forefinger, or your thumb against the opposite palm. Remember: it’s very important to have freshly clean hands to avoid the risk of spreading bacteria and oils on your weed.









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