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Cannabis and magic mushrooms: safe mix or bad trip?

Remember: in many european states, the consumption of both substances we are going to talk about in the following article is forbidden. In fact, this article was written for those of you who live in countries where both magic mushrooms and cannabis are legal. Some people often mix these substances, and they love it, while others are afraid of having a bad trip. Mixing cannabis and magic mushrooms is not something anyone can do, but in some cases it can be an incredibly deep experience. Here are the pros and the cons of assuming shrooms and marijuana at the same time, along with some tips to make your trip safer. Thinking about mixing cannabis and magic mushrooms together it’s like a dream come true: two natural products with strong effects which could awaken your true spirit by working together. They will let you experience a creative and pacific trip which will make you feel as one with the rest of the world, just like the trees and mushrooms in a forest. Or maybe this mix scares you and you’re afraid that this experience will turn into a nightmare, just like every other damned bad trip you’ve experienced in your life. We gathered lots of opposing opinions about this mix and we discovered that there is no sure proof of the happy ending of this kind of trip, but it certainly can be either wonderful or a real nightmare. Let’s get started: can marijuana and magic mushrooms be combined?

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Effects of marijuana and magic mushrooms

In order to know what to expect and then decide if it’s worth it, you should first analyse what the reactions of your body and mind are to both substances, then understand if they could combine with one another and how. Marijuana being a natural substance composed by different percentages of various types of cannabinoids, it doesn’t always cause the same effect. It can have a stronger or weaker relaxing effect, as well as cause psychoactive effects and give you energy, instead of making you sleepy. Every genetic strain of cannabis causes different effects, but the biggest difference can be found between two main products: cannabis sativa, which makes you feel full of energy and productive, and cannabis indica which, on the contrary, has a more relaxing effect. However, a joint with a good amount of cannabis will always help you not to think about the bad things in your life, and help you concentrate on positive thoughts and sensory stimuli. It will probably make you hungry, as well as make you want to have sex (if you’re not too sleepy). On the contrary, a magic mushroom trip is usually intense and stimulating. Many people compare it to an adrenaline rush which flows all over your body, filling up every inch of it. Your mind wakes up, you feel more inclined to notice even the tiniest detail, and you find yourself amazed by things you have never paid attention to before. Your muscles are ready for action, while your body and brain feel as one, as if they were in a pleasant symbiosis which usually sets you in a good mood. You can get visual hallucinations or altered perceptions: it depends on the quantity and quality of the mushrooms you take, but if you’re not victim of a bad trip, these visions are not dangerous. On the contrary, people often stay aware of the fact that they’re not real.

Pros and cons of taking both cannabis and magic mushrooms at the same time

We generally advise against taking different substances at the same time in order to avoid side effects. However, in this case we don’t want to limit your willingness to experiment with completely natural substances, since side effects are not common in any way, especially using small doses. Ganja and magic mushrooms really have a lot in common and, for this reason, mixing them can lead to wonderful amplified sensations, especially sensory. Are you looking for a creative awakening? This could be the way to find your lost artistic streak. On the other hand, these substances could also amplify your negative thoughts and sensations if you’re in a bad mood. So they could bring the most hidden negative feelings of your soul to the surface. What are the elements responsible for a bad trip? The answer is: psychoactive cells. This means THC in the case of cannabis, while psilocybin and baeocystin for mushrooms. It is important to know that high percentages of these substances could cause an entourage effect and amplify your experiences, both positive and negative. In other cases instead, it has been reported that smoking a joint can protract the time of reaction to the mushrooms, but also amplify the acute phase of the trip in some cases. According to others instead, smoking during a trip can either make the sensation of high last longer or soften it.

Choosing the right cannabis to be mixed with magic mushrooms

Do you want to avoid having bad trips? We suggest starting with a mostly sativa variety with a small percentage of THC (otherwise you risk softening the effect of the hallucinogenic mushrooms), and maybe going further with a joint richer in THC, only when you feel your ecstasy fading away: this will liven up your psychedelic trip again without turning it into a bad one. Now that you know all the pros and the cons of taking these two substances at the same time, you can decide whether or not this is the best choice for you. Remember that the entourage effect is just around the corner and that a trip on mushrooms can sometimes be spoiled by an excessive amount of THC. So, being moderate will make your trip better and safer.

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