Cannabis and Health

The benefits of using cannabis for women’s health

Did you know that in countries where cannabis is entirely legal the purchase of cannabis and derived products by women is growing impressively? The reason is easy to find: many women use it to treat real diseases related to the reproductive system, help with pregnancy symptoms or to find support for all-female problems.

Even in Italy, we realised that cannabis light and CBD-based products can help in many situations of discomfort that characterise women’s life and today many loyal customers have found a valid ally in cannabis-based products. The truth is that, as far as cannabis use is concerned, men and women are not the same. We are talking about a big difference in terms of the interaction of the body with cannabinoids, mainly due to the different hormonal characteristics that differentiate the male and female body and obviously the physical and mental peculiarities related to the reproductive sphere.

The endocannabinoid system is strongly influenced by the action of sex hormones, and it seems that the female ones make women more sensitive and more prone to have a valid physical response to THC and CBD.

However, how can cannabis specifically help women? Here are some areas in which clinical studies and established common practice have shown that cannabinoids can positively influence female health in an effective way and without contraindications.

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Menstrual cramps

There is a secret that for hundreds of years, many women have jealously preserved, that is that marijuana is beneficial in treating pain related to the menstrual cycle. In countries where full legalization legalisation of cannabis has taken place and in many others where legalization legalisation includes cannabis light, therapeutic and CBD-based products, women have begun to experiment, and the result has been so evident that they have changed gender statistics on the consumption of cannabis and derivates.

In some more advanced realities it is even the health system that covers the medical expenses of women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and who treat themselves with cannabis, because science has demonstrated the incontestable efficacy of cannabinoids in relaxing muscles, which contract due to their period, and in other problems related to it such as inflammation, mood swings and various types of pain.

In addition to the “classic” strains arising from menstruation, we can also highlight many beneficial effects related to hormonal pathologies or associated with the female reproductive system such as dysmenorrhea, polycystic ovary, hormone-induced acne, endometriosis: all conditions that often find great benefits with the use of cannabinoids.


Many women believe that pregnancy needs a good deal of patience and they decide not to take any measures to limit the physical problems caused by gestation such as nausea, loss of appetite, stomach acid, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress. However, nine months are long, and many decide to resort to methods that are as natural as possible to find relief and experience pregnancy in a peaceful and pleasant way.

One of these natural remedies is certainly represented by cannabis and its derivates. It may seem a taboo in our culture, but many people have treated for years pregnant women with cannabis, the benefits in particular of CBD (anti-inflammatory, relaxing, painkiller, natural sleep aid, etc …) are many and it seems that also the THC in very small doses can really help against acidity and gravitic nausea.

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a reality that women tend to hide, but it is a frequent and natural consequence of the physical and psychological changes that follow the birth process.

The number of mothers who resort to cannabis in this situation is increasing due to its proven anxiolytic and antidepressant abilities. Many studies claim that cannabis can replace antidepressant drugs very effectively and with fewer contraindications.

There is still little scientific evidence to support that CBD and THC have no effect on the health of the baby during breastfeeding, although many investigations are also dealing with this area, so we can be sure that in the future we will have more data to evaluate this possibility too.


Cannabinoids are essential to help the body regain its homeostasis, which is the physiological equilibrium that makes ourselves to the best of our ability. During menopause and the phases that precede it, the woman undergoes very profound physical and psychological changes that very often imply a general upheaval in her internal balance.

The body suffers and the mind also, but to find the balance of hormones and emotions once again, there is a practical solution: CBD!

The most loved cannabinoid by women helps to bring the situation back to normal and gives tranquillity in this particularly difficult time of adaptation.


The pathologies related to the female reproductive system are many, but one of the most common and most disabling is certainly endometriosis. Recently many women have found a valid help in fighting the symptoms of this pain syndrome related to the reproductive sphere in cannabis thanks to the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, relaxing effect of the cannabinoids but also to their ability to regulate and normalize normalise hormonal productions.

Many women resort to therapeutic cannabis to treat this disease worldwide. We hope that even in Italy, the cannabis prescription treatment course for endometriosis treatment will become more agile and straightforward thanks to the numerous studies that are increasingly focusing on this therapeutic approach and symptom management.

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