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The best (recent) documentaries on Cannabis and its surroundings

The hype that surrounds the world of cannabis is sky-high, it is impossible to avoid confronting the fact that, willy-nilly, marijuana is an important part of the economy and modern culture and, as such, a protagonist also in the media world. To witness it are some fascinating documentaries that if you are passionate and curious about the subject you should watch.

Here is an interesting list of the best cannabis-themed documentaries that you will find in circulation and which will serve to fill your eventual cultural gaps in the world of the most loved plant by Italians after basil. Why so much interest in cannabis by directors and producers? Well because the topic covered by these works is extremely current and concerns not only a plant with infinite potential for use but also extreme political maneuvers, economic opportunities, important cultural differences and fundamental rights (too often) violated.

Here are some of our favourite documentaries among those recently produced in the United States, where cannabis is now an integral part of society.

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The Union: The Business Behind Getting High

Are you curious to know how the great canna-business was born? This documentary of 2007 speaks precisely of this: the growth of cannabis trafficking, first illegal, then legal, and the repercussions of this wave of green and aromatic economy that literally shook a continent. The perspective of approach to the topic is interesting, in fact the film compares the prohibition of consuming cannabis to the prohibition of selling and drinking alcohol in the 1920s and offers a unique look at how the illicit marijuana market operated before its legalization . It would be an illuminating vision for our politicians!

The Culture High

This documentary-style feature film from 2014 directed by Brett Harvey clearly and almost didally illustrate the history of marijuana prohibition and the war on drugs in the U.S.A.
It is the ideal sequel to 2007 The Union: The Business Behind Getting High which is also very interesting, and was premiered at the Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival 2014. The Culture High certainly offers an excellent historical basis for understanding the social and cultural dynamics and laws concerning the history of hemp and its inflorescences in North America. Also in the rest of the world it seems to be somewhat similar: prohibitionism, false myths, corrupt politicians and last-minute moralists. Does it sound familiar?

Weed the People

If the area you want to investigate is medical cannabis, then we recommend taking a look at Weed the People, a documentary film in which the directors Abby Epstein and Ricki Lake. The movie brings to the attention of the viewer a series of shocking scientific truths about medical marijuana, in particular with regard to the possibility of treating children and minors with cancer. Specifically, the documentary (which is currently available on Netflix) concerns the story of a girl whose family has really tried everything to find alternative cures and save her from an aggressive tumour that has then proven to respond in a truly positive way to cures based on marijuana extracts.

Grass is Greener (The Grass of the Neighbor)

In this documentary, exclusive to Netflix, hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy accompanies viewers on a journey through the complicated American relationship with marijuana, starting from the close relationship that this substance has always had with the world of music. Thanks to the voices and stories of Snoop Dogg, B-Real by Cypress Hill and Damian Marley, the creative side of this marriage is explored, but also the social, cultural and racial side. The documentary is really good and well built, perfect for those who share the director’s passions: music, marijuana and pop culture.


A NORML Life is perhaps the documentary in circulation that focuses more on the medical aspect of American legalisation bringing to light the most important events that have made the history of medical cannabis in the state of Washington providing a look at the same time scientific and legislative. The National Organization for the Reform of the Laws on Marijuana (NORML) is a reality founded in the 1970s aimed to promoting and lobbying the legalisation of cannabis. Today, thanks to the progress made on this subject, the NORML continues to support pro marijuana training projects, such as this interesting scientific and regulatory documentary.

Super High Me

This movie is believed to be not only one of the most famous documentaries on hemp in circulation but also one of the most captivating one: Super High Me can be considered the alter ego of Super Size Me (a film that investigates and criticises the feeding of American fast food through a crazy experiment).
For this documentary, the American comedian Doug Benson instead undergoes a 30-day detox period from cannabis to then give us a significant amount of marijuana-based products for a month, all under strict scientific and medical control. Finally, the documentary aims to get a physical and psychological evaluation as exhaustive as possible on both trial periods.
Curious to know what the experiment showed? Then, you really need to watch the documentary!

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