Best tourist destinations for those who love cannabis

Cannabis tourism is becoming increasingly popular (as cannabis sales worldwide are more than 15$ million), so much so that in some states where the legalization of recreational use has already arrived this travel practice is giving impressive economic results. In Europe there has always been the dear and old Amsterdam to maintain the supremacy of the tourist destination of the friends of the hemp, but today with the advent of various legalizations or depenalisation the situation has become more complex and the destinations that offer excellent cannabis in legal mode (or almost) are many and all rather interesting. Here is an in-depth look at the best tourist destinations to taste cannabis of excellent quality in a completely legal way or in any case in countries where there is no criminal risk for possession of marijuana.

The numbers of cannabis tourism in the USA

If Amsterdam has been the international reference point for marijuana tourism since the 1960s, since 2012 it has forcefully insinuated itself to disturb the primacy of Colorado and then give way to Canada, where since 2018 cannabis tourism has become nothing short of rampant. There are still no specific data on tourism dedicated to cannabis in California but some experts calculate that the tax gain can soon reach up to 1 billion a year. Do you think that tourism in Colorado after legalization increased in 2016 by 51% … what will happen in spectacular California? We are sure that this will be the United States’ No. 1 destination for those traveling to the discovery of legal cannabis, at least until New York continues to falter on legalization.

The best destinations for cannabis tourism in Europe

Europe really offers so many opportunities for those who have decided to choose their holiday destination also based on the availability of legal cannabis. Here are some examples of cities that could interest you a lot for your future vacations in search of the most complete relaxation.

Christiania, Denmark

Christiania was born in 1971 in the Christianshavn district, in an area of the city of Copenhagen previously intended for military use and then abandoned. A group of Danish squatters decided to occupy the buildings, transforming it with creative renovations and works of art from ghost town to a lively and inspiring reality. The Christiania community grows and is proclaimed free town, even obtaining its own laws and regulations. Despite being part of the territory of the Danish capital, still today this is a place dedicated to nature, peace and creativity, surrounded by water channels, like an island. What has been stimulating this positive atmosphere for years? Cannabis use primarily. Unfortunately, today the Green Light District (the area where to buy cannabis in Christiania) is not as prosperous as it used to be and has become a rather infamous place. But it is still possible to experiment with really interesting and quality cannabis products at fairly low prices.

Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona today we also go for his Cannabis Social Club, or private clubs where you can buy and consume cannabis if you are registered. Many of these clubs are absolutely reserved for members, while others are ready to welcome passing tourists. The beauty is that in Spain, as in many other Spanish cities, there are many varieties of high-quality cannabis, strains of many types, some of which are special and interesting … then, talking about prices, you should know that in this country you will find the best value for money for your cannabis holiday! Really a great deal.

Amsterdam, Holland

Obviously, the capital of the Netherlands is famous worldwide as a destination for tourists in search of cannabis, thanks to its famous Coffee Shops that offer the chance to try cannabis from all over Europe in many different types and qualities. Certainly by now it is a destination a little taken for granted and many have already tried this experience but we must admit that Amsterdam and its Coffee Shops have definitely remained attractive thanks to particularly well-kept and trendy environments … shame about the decidedly high prices compared to other destinations European.

Brussels, Belgium

Did you know that Belgium has decriminalized the possession of up to three grams of cannabis flowers? Certainly it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public places and recreational consumption is tolerated only within social clubs just like in Spain, but we must assure you that in Brussels you will find some of the most interesting cannabis clubs in Europe!

Lucerne, Switzerland

Today Switzerland is one of the gold destinations for those who love cannabis and Lucerne as well as being well stocked is also a very beautiful city. Recreational consumption has not yet been legalized in Switzerland but the possession and consumption of small amounts of cannabis are not usually pursued. As in Italy, a completely legal type of Cannabis Light is available, but here the flowers on sale must contain less than 1% THC. Meanwhile, a definitive legalization seems increasingly around the corner, above all because it seems that the country really does care about the business behind it.

Lisbon, Portugal

With regard to drugs, this country has proven to be among the most progressive in the EU with decriminalization that we in Italy definitely dream of. To date, Portugal is one of Europe’s largest medical cannabis producers and, although recreational use is not yet legal, the possession of moderate amounts of cannabis has no criminal implications. Moreover, the future of Portugal seems to be turning green soon … in fact the government is literally trembling for a definitive legalization of cannabis. Guess then what would become the destination No. 1 of our ranking? The beautiful and wild Lisbon, without a doubt.

Best tourist destinations who love cannabis









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