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Cannabis and meditation: how and why marijuana can actually help the practice

Cannabis can actually improve the meditation experience. Consuming natural narcotic substances to improve the connection with ourselves and with the surrounding world is an ancient tradition and a smart decision if we’re looking for some concentration and lucidity. Here’s some advice and our considerations about how you can enrich your meditation experience with cannabis.

Meditation has always been object of many studies: researchears has been trying to frame the topic in a scientific way while masters insist on finding a personal method that works for oneself. Anyways, both parts agree that this practice can help to overcome the most stressful times of our lives, manage psichological issues and, overall, give serenity and well-being to the individual.
There are different currents of thought in regards of meditation, depending on the outcome that one wants to obtain.
Meditatation is often strictly associated to spirituality and religion (in fact it comes from a mixture of ancient oriental traditions and religions), but today it’s mainly used by people to calm down and relax.

It’s undeniable that meditation can give very personal effects and outcomes and, if practiced consciously and with commitment, it can lead to a state of deep relaxation and to a pleasant sensation of well-being at the very end of the session.
After meditation, our body is more relaxed, our mind notices it and can finally enjoy the present moment like never before. This could apparently be a very small goal but it’s actually a huge step that often leads people to way bigger acknowledgments on the importance of living in the present moment and accepting life and the self. Echoes produced by meditation are so personal and deep that have the ability to completely change someone’s life.

Why is associating meditation to cannabis a good idea?

Besides the benefits that meditation can give to body and mind, let’s try to figure out why it could be so much easier while consuming cannabis. First of all it’s important to clarify that many sensations caused by marijuana are very similar to the one that you can experience while meditating.

Just think about the “high & stoned” effects given by cannabinoids: the first one is a complex of energizing sensations working on both physical and mental level and makes us feel strong and ready to face anything; the second one is a deep level of relaxation that makes us feel at peace with ourselves, removing negative feelings from the mind and letting us concentrate on way more primitive and basic sensory perceptions.

Does this remind you of anything?

There are obviously many similarities between these moods and those reached after a good meditation session, here’s why it’s a good idea to combine the two things together and increase the possibilities to experience something very intense and positive. Peaceful and euphoric sensations caused by marijuana may carry meditation to a higher level, accelerating the process and removing useless anxiety about past and future.

How to meditate under the effect of cannabis

If you’re about to try this experience, all you have to do is to find a peaceful spot and a little bit of time alone to practice your amplified meditation. Meditating is super easy, just sit down with your legs crossed and start to remove any thought from your mind, breathing regularly and try to mantain your head free for as long as you can. If you’re a beginner, concentrating on your breath will surely help you. You will notice your mind wanting to wander but don’t give up and try not to focus on any of those thoughts. Just begin with 5 minutes until you’re ready for a longer meditation.

How and when it’s time to insert your cannabis? Keep a joint next to you (only in countries where weed has been legalized), after a first meditation session have a few hits and you’ll start to notice a deep sense of calm and tranquility… It means that cannabinoids are helping you and you can continue your practice with an extra sprint.

Which cannabis strain is better for meditation?

Of course it’s very important to choose the perfect mix of cannabinoids for your meditation.
We advise against a strain that can make you too high or too stoned. The best option would be something in the middle, that could guarantee a descrete level of lucidity. It’s a personal factor, but indica strains, which are useful to relax, if too strong could get you asleep and vanify all your efforts.

Experimenting is definetely the best way to find the perfect cannabis for your meditation.

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