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Losing weight with hemp: true or false?

There are tens, or even hundreds, of tutorials online about “how losing weight with hemp”: but before discovering “how to” it’s important to find out if it’s a false myth or not.

Edible hemp is super on trend lately. Truth is, it’s not that big news that hemp seeds’ exctracts are very nutrient, but for the longest time the modern society decided to ignore it: cannabis is good for human’s health and keeps the body healthy and fit.
Consuming hemp based products is suggested in many different diets to promote weight loss.
In this article we’ll try to find out if it’s true that hemp could help losing weight.

The main worry of those who are overweight is that, to lose weight, it’s necessary to follow a strict and boring diet. Being on a diet and counting calories isn’t easy and it’s often difficult over time. For this reason many dieting strategies are nowadays aiming to introduce healthy food that stimulate metabolism instead of promoting deprivation.

A superfood to lose weight and stay fit

Here’s the big pro of hemp seeds: they’re a superfood. These tiny gems are a natural concentrate of proteins, omega 3 and 6, vitamins and fatty acids, and a very good option to stimulate weight loss.

Does hemp help losing weight? Recently its seeds have been called “fatburning” and even “miraculous”. Honestly, we couldn’t find any scientific source proving these big slimming effects with the consumption of hemp seeds, flour or oil but without any doubt we can affirm that hemp is a good allied for those who want to lose weight with no big deprivations.

Sense of satiety

The first important thing to consider is that hemp is known for its ability to give a sense of satiety, being rich in proteins and fibers. Therefore, combining or replacing classic flour with hemp flour is a great idea to contain the caloric intake without starving. The high energetic level makes hemp ideal for athletes that want great performances even during diet.

A sprint to your metabolism

Omega-6 Linoleic Acid and Omega-3 Alfalinoleic Acid are essential fatty acids (EFA), really important for our wellbeing: our body can’t synthesize nor produce them, therefore it’s necessary to introduce them through diet.
In general, omega-3 and 6 should be taken in a 3:1/5:1 proportion. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil are excellent for that. The high nutritive value of this oil is due to its abundant essential fatty acids.
One of the benefits of a diet rich in EFA is that metabolism is speeden up and it’s usually more efficient.
The faster the metabolism, the faster is the calorie burning and the disposal of toxins: this is the base to not accumulate excess fat.

Strengthen the body

One of the most common problems of dieting is that it makes us feel weak. Oftentimes it isn’t just a sensation, poor eating and limiting nutrients intake are wrong habits that influence our vitality and health. To lose weight in a healthy way our body needs everything to work properly, otherwise the risk is to incur in dangerous immune losses.
Hemp seeds are also a good source of mineral salts, vitamins, in particular calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, potassium, phosphorus, vitamine B1, B2, B6, D and E.
This great concetration of nutrients makes hemp seeds (and all derived products) an excellent mix to sustain the immune system.

Hemp based food contraindications

All the benefits that we mentioned don’t mean that hemp and its derived products are diet or low-calorie foods.
On the contrary, hemp is very caloric and has to be consumed with moderation if you want to loose weight.
Just think that a tea spoon of hemp seeds has about 100 kcal, so it’s very important to be aware of it during a diet.
Some tips to consume hemp based foods without exceeding in calories? Always choose between oil or hemp seeds, don’t use both in the same recipe. If you go for the seeds as a topping for your salad, combine them with a lighter oil.
The other big truth is that, if your goal is to lose weight in a healthy way, a good diet isn’t enough: working out is absolutely necessary, even more for those who consume high calorie foods like hemp.

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