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What are terpenes and why is their presence in cannabis is important

Terpenes are one of the things that makes us love cannabis so much: let’s talk about the aromatic oils that give it the classic scent of marijuana and make different types of inflorescences, again, different.

But did you know that they are almost as important as the most-cited cannabinoids?

These oils are completely natural products that are part of the plant itself and not artificial flavors that are added during growth or after harvest. Each genetics has a special mix of terpenes that depending on their characteristics will produce a distinct aftertaste / perfume with an almost infinite range of variations. But if there has been so much talk of CBD and THC lately, the terpenes have remained in the shadows so far, which is very wrong, given that experienced farmers know how important it is to develop genetics with the right terpenes to make their product commercially attractive. In addition to giving a special taste to cannabis, terpenes are also important from a medical and scientific point of view, to know why you continue to read this study on the aromatic world of cannabis terpenes.

Why is cannabis rich in terpenes?
Because it is an extremely intelligent plant! In fact the terpenes are a special olfactory weapon against many of the natural cannabis parasites (ie creatures that could attack it) but at the same time a bait for other beneficial insects involved in the pollination phenomenon. It is not only the cannabis plant that produces terpenes, but also many others are characterized by the presence of these substances with an intense odor and it is not by chance that many of these are those commonly called “aromatic”. Plants produce specific terpenes not only based on their genetic predisposition but also in relation to the context in which they are born and grow: in fact they are strongly conditioned for example by temperature, humidity and habitat.

Why is it better to choose a terpene-rich cannabis?
Clearly we talk about special aromas that develop from the best quality inflorescences and that attract fans literally like flies … but terpenes are not precious just for their particular taste. In fact the various combinations of terpenes can significantly modify the cannabis intake experience being able to react with cannabinoids and to amplify (in some cases) the effects in a very interesting way (from the theoretical point of view as in Italy smoking the cannabis for pleasure is still illegal).

Terpenes and cannabinoids
Have you ever thought about how each cannabis experience is slightly different? Very often this is due to the percentage of THC and CBD present in the inflorescences but also the terpenes can make the difference (and not only at the aromatic level). As we have said, the various types of essential oils can be combined with the special way of cannabinoids and change their intensity.
How does this increase in action take place? In practice the terpene is able to increase the reactivity of our body to cannabinoids and therefore (depending on the type of terpene) make the experience with cannabis more intense, more relaxing, more fun, more pain-relieving, etc.

The value of terpenes for medical research
In recent years, the therapeutic value of CBD and THC has been amply demonstrated and pharmaceutical companies all over the world have taken the ball by funding many scientific studies on the therapeutic applications of cannabinoids. Only recently the terpenes have begun to attract the attention of the scientific world and we are certain that in short they will be evaluated as very important also in the medical field precisely because of this special synergy with cannabinoids. Furthermore in alternative medicines and in herbal science they have been quite successful for many years due to the beneficial characteristics intrinsic to many of these varieties of aromatic oils which, depending on the type, can be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, stimulating, relaxing … in short, getting to know the terpenes better can really open up a world of possibilities!

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