A guide to CBD oil: how to take it, how much to take and how to dose it correctly

Today for those who want to take the precious cannabinoid CBD there are many valid options on the market. Oil in various concentrations, gel capsules, topical creams, vaporizers or high level cannabidiol inflorescences. But what is the best way to get the results promised by this beneficial anti-inflammatory and relaxing concentrate? And what is the right amount to take for CBD to be effective?

Obviously the answer will be different for each of us, because based on our predisposition to assimilate the cannabidiol and the result we want to achieve we can have different reactions and needs.

In this article we will talk about the various ways of taking CBD and the initial dosages, so you can try to put into practice strategies tailored to the goals you want to achieve. If what you are looking for is a moment of relaxation or a way to keep anxiety away, in addition to assessing the effectiveness of your intake, you will also need to consider the way that makes you feel more at ease: for example, for someone it may turn out to be unattractive having to take CBD as a medicine and find it more beneficial in consuming inflorescences or using the vaporizer.

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What is CBD? How it works and for which diseases it can be used

To understand the action of CBD on the body it is necessary to start from the basics: cannabidiol is a cannabinoid present precisely in cannabis plants and in particular in flowers. Compared to another important cannabinoid (THC) CBD is not psychoactive and therefore does not alter the psychophysical state.
The interaction of this cannabinoid with the endocannabinoid system naturally present in the human body triggers very beneficial reactions mainly of an anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and relaxing type. For this reason, CBD concentrates are used for the treatment or management of the symptoms of many diseases such as chronic pain, anxiety, PMS, autoimmune diseases, muscle inflammation and much more.

How much CBD to take when you start the administration

Each person reacts differently to the intake of cannabinoids depending on how much he manages to assimilate them, so the dosage will change a lot not only based on the result you want to achieve but also on your receptivity. The advice is to start with the minimum dosage indicated in the package that you will choose and then grow in case of need. For each type of administration remember that there are different times of effectiveness, so do not overdo it! As we have said, the recruitment methods are many but not all have the same validity. Here are the main possibilities that you can evaluate in your approach to CBD:

Inhalation with flower consumption

The most classic method to consume CBD is to make the so-called “joints” with cannabis light flowers. At the same time it is a method that we advise against and strongly condemn because in Italy it is illegal to burn hemp flowers, even though they are legal.


It is a healthy and functional way but to have a valid effectiveness you must be sure that the oil in question is not altered by the high temperatures induced by the vaporization, so make sure that the instrument used has a combustion band around 200 ° C. Inhalation has an almost immediate effect and is very easy to manage because it is enough to stop when you feel the relaxing and soothing effect. The beneficial peak comes about 30 minutes after taking it but then it quickly fades and does not last long during the day. It can be a good system to have relief in moments of anxiety or even to reconcile sleep before going to bed.

Concentrated oil in drops or gel capsules

This is certainly the most effective way to take a large amount of CBD. Using particularly concentrated oils in liquid or gel capsules you can know exactly how much cannabinoid has been taken and a constant daily cannabidiol dose can be kept in circulation. It is certainly the recommended method for those suffering from inflammatory diseases or constant pain because it offers good coverage between one intake and another. The capsules are ingested according to the type and percentage of concentration during the day while the liquid version diluted in oil (often olive or hemp) is taken with sublingual drops. The taste of the oil is a little bitter and for this reason, some choose the gel capsules version. This way of intake does not have the immediate effect of inhalation, it begins to act in a perceptible manner usually only after a few days from the first intake because it works by accumulation. Taking the product constantly, however, you will begin to have constant effects, and if adjusted according to need, the administration dose can be reduced or increased over time. The concentration percentages available for these products are varied, it is advisable to start with a medium or light concentration and vary according to the effect obtained and wanted.

Topical use

CBD is a well-known product also for the skin, especially if you have acne or inflammation or problems of bacterial origin. Cannabidiol concentrates are therefore also found in the form of creams and lotions to be applied to inflamed areas. The CBD concentrate in the creams can also be used locally to relieve pain (for example for arthritis), but its effectiveness, in this case, is obviously greater with an oral type assurance that ensures a greater concentration of the cannabinoid in circulation.



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