What's Cannabis Light?

With Cannabis Light we refer to hemp flowers and with the word Light we underline that it has a THC level lower than 0,6% and instead a high level of CBD. It’s different from medical cannabis, which is distributed by pharmacies and can have a level of THC much higher than 0,6%.

In therapeutic cases, both THC and CBD are used for the cure of many diseases.

Is your product grinded or in whole buds?

CBWEED is a top quality Cannabis Light product, sold only in whole buds.

Is your hemp organic?

All our hemp is grown through organic method.

Is it a legal product?

Yes, industrial hemp is a permitted product for the uses specified in the law L.242/16.

It’s possible to sell hemp derived products, for technical use and for laboratories, but also as food, like hemp flour, hemp beer, hemp oil etc..

It’s mandatory that a hemp derived product has a THC level lower than the law limits.

What's CBD?

CBD stays for “CANNABIDIOL”. It’s one of the active substances, known as cannabinoids, present in hemp (or Cannabis). In contrast with THC, CBD is not psychoactive, therefore doesn’t bring to feelings like bewilderment or loss of balance.

Where can I find CBWEED Shops and retailers?

Check our shops and retailers map here!

How can I become a retailer or a dealer?

Send us an email to info@cbweed.com, we will schedule a phone appointment.

Any other question?

Send us an email to info@cbweed.com, we will answer your questions.