Trust us just like 53 other stores across Europe have already done. Cbweed offers a catalogue with over 100 products 100% natural:
CBD oils, natural cosmetics, animal care products, Italian pasta, flowers and much more.


1 – Design and costum made production of the furniture

First time owning a shop? Cool! Your only task is to find the perfect location for your own CBWEED shop, our interior designers will take care of everything else. Starting from thefurniture, which will be completely custom made following the CBWEED design guide lines.

2 – Municipality or Local Exclusivity

Worried about having too many competitors selling the same product? You shouldn’t! After signign our contract, you automatically become an exclusive reseller of CBWEED products in your city/region. What does it mean? You’re going to be the one and only with the best quality hemp products on the local market.

3 – Personalized design for online and offline advertisement

Our web designers will create a custom flyer and poster for your inauguration event, personalized business cards and product brochures. You will have a graphic designer at your disposal for the production of all your advertising material.

4 – Training on products and sales techniques

We offer you a dedicated training course for owners and employees, where you’re going to learn everything you need to know to become a professional in the cannabis business and to provide your customers with the best shopping experience.

5 – Access to the complete catalogue

You will have access to the complete CBWEED catalogue, with no minimum order obligation. We always provide the maximum discount to our franchisees.


Seriousness and elegance with a natural flavor are the first adjectives that come to mind entering a Cbweed shop. The careful selection of colors, the wise use of materials and the attention to detail are the basis of…

All the shops of the Cbweed franchise follow a stylistic line that has been outlined over time. Cleanliness of the furnishings, brightness and airiness of the spaces are the main pillars. Raw materials such as wood and iron stand out in the rooms painted in white and petrol. Numerous plants of different sizes complete the furnishings, expertly placed between the ceiling, shelves and corners, to amplify the feeling of an exclusive but always welcoming place. Each shop is designed by a company technician and interior designer, who takes care of the entire set-up, from the sign, to the shelves, from the accessories such as tables and armchairs, to the branded mirrors.

The design of a Cbweed store will be managed directly by our interior designer. It all starts from studying the layout of the room to understand the perfect space management. The 3D render is provided to give a clear visual example of how the store will look once finished. The communicative relationship between the franchisor and the designer will continue until the end result of a perfect venue is obtained. There will be no difference between the render and the physical development of your store.


The CBWEED marketing team works in two parallel directions: while some are dedicated exclusively to the development of the franchising brand authority, others deal with the support every single store needs every day. The owner of a CBWEED shop can count on every communication tool available, both above and below the


Not just graphics or local and national advertising planning, but also a massive presence on social media and strategies of CPC and email marketing. As the flagship of Cbweed, the marketing department is a team internally dedicated to creativity, SEO, video making and, of course, to the design of each product and every Cbweed Shop.

what is cbd?

Hemp is a plant that has been grown by man since the dawn of times for its versatility. In it we can find more than 400 molecules with subsequent active principles, which can be divided in two major groups: cannabinoids and terpens. Between the most know cannabinoids is Cannabidiol, which is generally refered to as CBD.

Cbweed works only with laboratories specialized in cannabinoid research and analysis, above all CBD. The cannabis on which all tests are carried comes from organic farming without the use of pesticides. Side effects? None! It’s really important to underline the lack of side effects brought forward by CBD and, as opposed to its relative THC, it has no psycoactive effect on the brain, nor does it interfere with drugs, medicines or treatments.

Unlike THC, CBD is at the base of most of our products and it does not have any psychotropic effect or side effects related

to its intake.

Numerous scientific studies agree that CBD is a molecule with infinite potential: one between many, its muscle relaxant properties. Among the main characteristics noted by scientists, one jumps out, the antinflammatory one: it helps decrease the inflammation and, consequently, the pain – either localized or chronic.

Cannabidiol can also have entiepileptic and anticonvulsant properties, which means it can act as a sedative for muscle spasms and seizures. Some consumers also report how it works well as an antiemetic, a form of help against nausea and vomit, and as a strong antioxidant. It is also often used by people suffering from anxiety, psycosis, panick attacks and depression.

Cbweed Shop – Riga

Brīvības Iela 90/120 – Riga, Latvia

Cbweed Shop – Tallinn

Sakala 12 – Tallinn, Estonia

Cbweed Shop – Milano

Via Augusto Anfossi 5 – Milano