Cannabis and adolescents: no brain damage, science says

Cannabis adolescents no brain damage

It is effortless to talk for clichés. Instead, it would require more efforts to express oneself, with knowledge of the facts confirmed by scientific data and reasoning with concrete and real bases. Our knowledge craving today goes towards a delicate subject, which has been too often discussed without the necessary data at hand: the use of cannabis in adolescence and the possible damage it can cause to the […]

Interactions between drugs, medicines and cannabis&THC

Interactions Drugs medicinal cannabis THC Contraindications

People have used Cannabis for a very long time in a completely illegal way all over the world: today that the product is entering the legal sphere by degrees and its therapeutic value has finally been recognised, it is essential to spread awareness of its use, especially concerning drug interactions. Not everyone knows that some […]

Hashish: what is it and what are the differences with cannabis


There are so many possibilities to take the precious cannabinoids present in the inflorescences of the hemp plant. Consuming cannabis is certainly very common but another rather appreciated a way to stock up THC and CBD is hashish. In this article we discuss the world of resins or hashish: what it is, what effects it […]

Cannabis oil and massages, scientifically validated pain-relieving combo

Olio Cannabis Massaggi Combo Antidolorifica

Let’s start from the assumption that CBD and hemp oil have very important pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.  Now, in recent years many physiotherapists and wellness centres are adding a product to their arsenal of oils and ointments, that’s cannabis oil for massages.  But is the combination of hemp oil with the massage technique really effective?  […]

Hotboxing, the guide: what it is and all the tricks to do it properly


Among the ploys to enjoy a couple of happy hours with few friends and a cannabis top, hotboxing has become very popular lately, a practice as old as the discovery of marijuana, which today is definitely back in fashion.  You see it in the movies, you hear quoted in the songs of American rappers and […]

Cannabis and religion: Hinduism, Rastafarianism, Taoism and Christianity


Cannabis has been and still is a plant strongly correlated to the spiritual and religious sphere, in many cultures it is even considered sacred and is used by men of faith during religious ceremonies. But why do some cultures accept and pass on the ceremonial use of cannabis while other religions demonize consumption?  It is […]

Combination & consociation: all allied plants for cannabis cultivation


Among the techniques most used by experienced growers to guarantee a luxuriant and healthy growth to their cannabis plants, there is certainly that of the intercropping. This biological and natural method of taking care of its plants is used in many types of crops and guarantees absolutely indisputable benefits in the field of pesticide, antibacterial, fertilizer […]

The benefits of using cannabis for women’s health

Benefici Utilizzo Cannabis Salute Femminile

Did you know that in countries where cannabis is entirely legal the purchase of cannabis and derived products by women is growing impressively? The reason is easy to find: many women use it to treat real diseases related to the reproductive system, help with pregnancy symptoms or to find support for all-female problems. Even in Italy, […]

The best (recent) documentaries on Cannabis and its surroundings

Migliori Documentari Sulla Cannabis

The hype that surrounds the world of cannabis is sky-high, it is impossible to avoid confronting the fact that, willy-nilly, marijuana is an important part of the economy and modern culture and, as such, a protagonist also in the media world. To witness it are some fascinating documentaries that if you are passionate and curious […]

Therapeutic cannabis for treatment & management of symptoms of multiple sclerosis


Until the first half of the 1900s, cannabis was considered in many countries a commonly used drug, especially for the treatment of certain neurological symptoms. Confidence in cannabis was high, as with any other drug, but later cannabis was cancelled from the international pharmacopoeia and classified as having no therapeutic effects. Today we know that […]