What is and what are the effects of CBG (cannabigerol), a therapeutic cannabinoid

What Effects Cbg Cannabigerol Therapeutic Cannabinoid

Things are changing quickly in the world of cannabis think that until yesterday very few knew about the existence of CBD and THC, while now it is the new cannabinoids that promise miracles. In particular, there is much talk in the scientific field of CBG, which could be the next cannabinoid to attract the attention […]

Cannabis lube: what it is and how to prepare it at home

Cannabis Lube What How To Prepare It Home

Cannabis lubricants are a product widely used in countries where marijuana is legal and can improve women’s sexual life (here is a more in-depth analysis on Cannabis and Sex), especially when there are diseases such as endometriosis. Cannabis dissolved in the lubricant can relax, reduce inflammation and pain, also stimulating the production of natural lubricants. […]

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe With Hemp Flour and Cannabis


Do you want to make friends and relatives a handmade, fun and delicious Christmas gift?! One of the coolest desserts of Christmas tradition is gingerbread men. If this year you want to try your hand at a little Christmas gift for your friends, you can decide to prepare gingerbread cookies with this recipe and embellish […]

Does taking CBD oil put you at risk of having a license withdrawn?

Taking CBD oil put you risk having license withdrawn

The research is increasingly enthusiastic about the beneficial qualities of cannabidiol. Still, some people have expressed their fears about the risk of being able to test positive for a drug test and incurring the withdrawal of the license after taking CBD through oil or tablets. Is it possible to pass legal problems in case of […]

Therapeutic cannabis and driving license withdrawal: What does the law say?

Therapeutic cannabis driving license withdrawal What does law say

When the Italian state legalized the medical use of cannabis, it forgot a small detail: a clear and coherent regulation that decrees the suitability of the guide for who takes this type of drug. Most people who take cannabis with regular therapeutic prescription are now at a crossroads: Can one drive a car after consuming […]

Guide to drying and treating legal cannabis inflorescences

Guide drying treating legal cannabis inflorescences

One of the crucial moments for the success of a good harvest is the drying and tanning phase of the legal cannabis buds. After having committed to cultivating and collecting the entire inflorescences, it is essential not to waste an excellent fresh product by ruining it with an improper preparation for storage and use. The […]

CBD as a supplement to quit smoking

CBD supplement quit smoking

Smoking is a bad habit that is difficult to abandon, but perhaps taking cannabidiol (CBD) will make it easier. Today, we all know that cigarettes are harmful to your health, but many decide to continue to put their safety at stake despite this awareness. What is the reason for this? Smokers are addicted to a […]

Cannabis and adolescents: no brain damage, science says

Cannabis adolescents no brain damage

It is effortless to talk for clichés. Instead, it would require more efforts to express oneself, with knowledge of the facts confirmed by scientific data and reasoning with concrete and real bases. Our knowledge craving today goes towards a delicate subject, which has been too often discussed without the necessary data at hand: the use of cannabis in adolescence and the possible damage it can cause to the […]

Interactions between drugs, medicines and cannabis&THC

Interactions Drugs medicinal cannabis THC Contraindications

People have used Cannabis for a very long time in a completely illegal way all over the world: today that the product is entering the legal sphere by degrees and its therapeutic value has finally been recognised, it is essential to spread awareness of its use, especially concerning drug interactions. Not everyone knows that some […]

Hashish: what is it and what are the differences with cannabis


There are so many possibilities to take the precious cannabinoids present in the inflorescences of the hemp plant. Consuming cannabis is certainly very common but another rather appreciated a way to stock up THC and CBD is hashish. In this article we discuss the world of resins or hashish: what it is, what effects it […]