What is Kratom: properties, characteristics and comparison with CBD


CBD has by now become popular in Italy and all over the world for its healing properties. The fight for the recognition of its beneficial and re-equilibrating qualities isn’t over yet, although the stigma against CBD is slowly giving out against scientific evidence. Here at Cbweed we like to think of CBD as a trailblazer […]

Treating children with CBD: is it safe and effective?

Treating Kids CBD Safe Effective Contraindications

CBD surely is the most suitable cannabinoid to cure important pathologies which affect children, like epilepsy and behaviour disorders. Its efficacy has been proved by many different studies, but there are still doubts about the possible side effects for our little ones. In this article we’re going to understand why is CBD a safe product […]

What are cannabis concentrates: hashish, charas, kief and many more

What Are Cannabis Concentrates Hashish Charas Kief

Cannabis concentrates are ancient products which have been used for centuries in many different regions of the world. They’re known for their efficacy which is due to the high percentage of cannabinoids and terpenes—much higher than the ones naturally found in cannabis inflorescences. Let’s see the main features of this product and what are the […]

What is Cannabichromene: anti-inflammatory and painkilling cannabinoid

What Cannabichromene Anti-Inflammatory Painkilling Cannabinoid

Considering the great media spotlight cannabinoids and their properties have been under during the last few years, it may seem weird but today there are still lots of cannabis molecules, apart from THC and CBD, that play a very important role in pain and inflammation management. One of these derivatives is CBC: let’s see why […]

What is cannabis polyploidy: the future of genetic selection

What Cannabis Polyploidy Future Genetic Selection

According to some studies, seeds of polyploid cannabis might be the next huge development in the field of hemp cultivation. Lately, this natural genetic mutation of marijuana has been getting more and more attention from scientists, and some experts in the field think that it’s going to be a burning issue in the field of […]

Cannabis and magic mushrooms: safe mix or bad trip?

Cannabis Magic Mushroom Safe Mix Bad Trip

Remember: in many european states, the consumption of both substances we are going to talk about in the following article is forbidden. In fact, this article was written for those of you who live in countries where both magic mushrooms and cannabis are legal. Some people often mix these substances, and they love it, while […]

1001 ways to grind cannabis: tools to grind your weed

1001 Ways To Grind Cannabis Tools Grind Weed

First of all: smoking cannabis is still illegal in most of european countries. In this article we’ll teach you how to roll your joint, pretending you’re somewhere like California, where this practice is allowed. To correctly roll your joint you have to make sure your cannabis bud is evenly grinded in very small pieces, but […]

Cheese marijuana: history and characteristics of this unique strain

Cannabis Cheese History Characteristics Unique Strain

If you’re looking for a timeless cannabis strain, we higly suggest trying some good Cheese, one of the most famous coming from England. Born in the late 80s, it’s still popular thanks to its intense smell and characteristic strong effect. Here’s all the information that a real Cheese enthusiast should know. You may also be interested […]

What’s cannabis honey and recipe to do it yourself at home

What's Cannabis Honey Recipe DIY Home

A super interesting product for cannabis fanatics is hemp honey. Nowadays, there are two types: the one produced by bees fed with hemp pollen, and the one created by mixing regular honey with cannabis flower’s extract. Both are full of benefits, let’s find out all the properties of this honey rich in cannabinoids and how […]

In which European countries is it legal to sell CBD oils?

Which European Countries CBD Oil Legal Sell It

In the world of cannabis things are starting to change, at least this is what is happening outside of Italy. Do you want to know what is the legislation regarding CBD oil in other European countries? Here’s a brief summary of the different legal frameworks regarding CBD oil in many countries of the Old Continent. […]