Therapeutic cannabis for treatment & management of symptoms of multiple sclerosis


Until the first half of the 1900s, cannabis was considered in many countries a commonly used drug, especially for the treatment of certain neurological symptoms. Confidence in cannabis was high, as with any other drug, but later cannabis was cancelled from the international pharmacopoeia and classified as having no therapeutic effects. Today we know that […]

Best tourist destinations for those who love cannabis

Best tourist destinations who love cannabis

Cannabis tourism is becoming increasingly popular (as cannabis sales worldwide are more than 15$ million), so much so that in some states where the legalization of recreational use has already arrived this travel practice is giving impressive economic results. In Europe there has always been the dear and old Amsterdam to maintain the supremacy of […]

The antiaging future for the brain is based on cannabis

antiaging future for brain based cannabis

It is well known as with age our brain performance decreases gradually and, sooner or later, we will always be facing with some cognitive and physical problems that in simple terms can be summarised with a single term: old age. However, a critical study conducted by a group of scientists from the University of Bonn […]

Treating psoriasis with cannabis light and CBD: is it possible?


Psoriasis is an inflammatory condition of the skin that affects almost 3% of the world population and that today does not have an effective specific cure.  Many clinical studies have shown that cannabis can be particularly useful in managing the symptoms of this disease and also being a potential form of treatment. Let’s see why […]

Cannabis: $15 billion in sales worldwide only in 2019

Cannabis Sales Worldwide

With the legalization in Canada and many US states, and with the spreading of CBD products around the world, the cannabis market reached stellar numbers this year. The passion for hemp is taking hold globally and, according to the statistics, the figures will continue to rise undeterred. According to CNN, in fact, at this point […]

What are terpenes and why is their presence in cannabis is important

What terpenes why important

Terpenes are one of the things that makes us love cannabis so much: let’s talk about the aromatic oils that give it the classic scent of marijuana and make different types of inflorescences, again, different. But did you know that they are almost as important as the most-cited cannabinoids? These oils are completely natural products […]

CBD more powerful than antibiotics? No, it is not the usual hoax…

CBD more powerful than antibiotics

The results of recent scientific research still awaiting publication seems to be the key to solve the problem of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Guess what: once again, the miraculous substance we are talking about is obviously cannabis. In particular, CBD. You may also be interested in: Treating depression with CBD and Cannabis Light The study carried out by […]

Therapeutic cannabis & CBD for thyroid dysfunction & endocrine disorders

disfunzioni tiroide disturbi endocrini cannabis terapeutica cbd

A large number of studies on the potential of cannabinoids suggest that CBD and THC could be very effective in managing the chronic symptoms of people affected with thyroid dysfunction and other endocrine disorders. In this article, we have decided to investigate the topic further and collect data to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic cannabis […]

Cannabis and panic attacks: correlation and management

Cannabis Attacchi Di Panico Correlazione Gestione

One of the side effects of cannabis use that many regular consumers have experienced at least once in their life is the sudden onset of a panic attack while smoking or immediately after consuming marijuana. In this article, we will try to understand why a panic attack happens, how to avoid it and how to […]

Cannabis and mental disorders: a danger or a possible cure?

Per anni la medicina tradizionale ha sostenuto che il consumo di cannabis potesse scatenare l'insorgenza di disturbi mentali o esacerbarli in caso di condizione preesistente. Oggi molte ricerche sembrano sostenere esattamente il contrario,

For years, traditional medicine has claimed that cannabis use could trigger mental disorders or exacerbate them, in the case of a pre-existing condition. Today, a large number of studies seem to support exactly the opposite, namely that cannabinoids could even be used in the treatment of psyche diseases. As we would like to deepen these […]