Cannabinoids and cannabis against cancer: myth or reality?

Cannabinoids Cannabis Against Cancer Myth Reality

The usage of therapeutic cannabis on oncology patients is a very delicate topic: for the longest time, opponents of modern medicine have been declaring themselves sure of the cannabis potential to cure cancer. We like to discuss things based on real, scientific data so before jumping to any conclusions, we decided to investigate a little […]

Our recipe for a delicious gluten free, fresh pasta with hemp flour

Recipe Delicious Gluten Free Fresh Pasta Hemp Flour

Hemp flour is a healthy and tasty ingredient, great to experiment with. It’s obtained by grinding hemp seeds, rich in nutrients. We tried to prepare fresh pasta and turned out pretty good! Here’s our recipe for homemade gluten free hemp flour fresh pasta, delicious and easy to make. Why choosing hemp flour? For many, many […]

Homemade hemp milk recipe: a high protein, plant based drink easy to prepare

Ricetta Latte Canapa Drink Vegetale Proteico Fatto Casa

Nowadays there are tons of plant based milk substitutes on the market, but they’re often not that healthy due to the high levels of preservatives and added sugar. Did you know that making your own organic hemp milk at home is super easy? Here’s our recipe and some useful information about hemp milk made from […]

CBD against Parkinson’s Desease: does it help to manage the symptoms?

CBD Consumption Against Parkinson's Desease Help Manage Symptoms

Cannabis gained a lot of popularity during the last few years not only thanks to its recreational use, but also for its potential to improve health (here we talked about interactions between CBD and medicines/drugs). CBD in particular is famous for its beneficial properties, that can be useful in managing Parkinson’s Desease symptoms, which can […]

Losing weight with hemp: true or false?

Losing Weight With Hemp True False

There are tens, or even hundreds, of tutorials online about “how losing weight with hemp”: but before discovering “how to” it’s important to find out if it’s a false myth or not. Edible hemp is super on trend lately. Truth is, it’s not that big news that hemp seeds’ exctracts are very nutrient, but for […]

Cannabis and meditation: how and why marijuana can actually help the practice

Cannabis Meditation How Why Marijuana Can Help Practice

Cannabis can actually improve the meditation experience. Consuming natural narcotic substances to improve the connection with ourselves and with the surrounding world is an ancient tradition and a smart decision if we’re looking for some concentration and lucidity. Here’s some advice and our considerations about how you can enrich your meditation experience with cannabis. Meditation […]

What it is, how it works and the advantages of hydroponic cannabis cultivation

What How It Works Advantages Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

Hydroponics is a cultivation method in which the plant grows out of the soil, with water as the primary substrate. The hydroponic culture allows producing cannabis in-door, without needing fertile soil, reducing the consumption of water and without pesticides. These are some advantages of choosing hydroponics, in this article, we explain how it works what […]

What is and what are the effects of CBG (cannabigerol), a therapeutic cannabinoid

What Effects Cbg Cannabigerol Therapeutic Cannabinoid

Things are changing quickly in the world of cannabis think that until yesterday very few knew about the existence of CBD and THC, while now it is the new cannabinoids that promise miracles. In particular, there is much talk in the scientific field of CBG, which could be the next cannabinoid to attract the attention […]

Cannabis lube: what it is and how to prepare it at home

Cannabis Lube What How To Prepare It Home

Cannabis lubricants are a product widely used in countries where marijuana is legal and can improve women’s sexual life (here is a more in-depth analysis on Cannabis and Sex), especially when there are diseases such as endometriosis. Cannabis dissolved in the lubricant can relax, reduce inflammation and pain, also stimulating the production of natural lubricants. […]

Gingerbread Cookies Recipe With Hemp Flour and Cannabis


Do you want to make friends and relatives a handmade, fun and delicious Christmas gift?! One of the coolest desserts of Christmas tradition is gingerbread men. If this year you want to try your hand at a little Christmas gift for your friends, you can decide to prepare gingerbread cookies with this recipe and embellish […]