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Treating depression with CBD and Cannabis Light: science fiction or reality?

Curare Depressione CBD Cannabis Light Fantascienza O Realta

CBD as a mood regulator to fight anxious or depressive states Recent clinical studies have shown that CBD can be an excellent ally in fighting the symptoms of depression. The antidepressant potential of cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive molecule derived from cannabis, is undoubtedly related to its interaction with the endocannabinoid system. In this article, we will […]

The great Cannabis revolution in South America: step towards legalization

Grande Rivoluzione Cannabis Sud America

In recent years, the Cannabis market has emerged from the shadows in Latin America and has started to attract the attention of many companies and international investors. Nowadays, not only many states are decriminalizing the possession, consumption and cultivation of marijuana, but also they are legalizing and increasing the production of cannabis for therapeutic or […]

Side effects of chemotherapy: the benefits of therapeutic cannabis

Today, Cannabis is studied internationally for its possible medical applications, probably more than any plant or vegetable compound in the world. Although many areas are still to be explored, there is already a fairly complete scientific literature that leaves no doubts about the benefits that the human body can get from using cannabinoids. At the […]

CBD side effects: what are they? Guidelines for a responsible use

Effetti Collaterali CBD Quali Sono Guida Assunzione Consapevole

How to take cannabidiol safely CBD is a natural molecule derived from cannabis, and it is a cannabinoid with great healing potential. For its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, painkiller and mood regulator qualities, it is highly recommended as a dietary supplement and in the treatment of various diseases. However, could it also have side effects? CBD has […]

CBD and Cannabis Light as a painkiller and natural anti-inflammatory

CBD Cannabis Light Painkiller Anti Infammatory

Can CBD be a valid substitute for Ibuprofen and be used in place of Moment, Brufen and other types of over the counter painkillers? The hemp plant includes over 80 cannabinoids and for many years both science and law have been mostly focusing on the infamous THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), due to its psychoactive effect – what […]

Can migraines be cured and relieved with CBD/THC?

Curare Emicrania Cannabis Thc Cbd Alleviare Male Testa

What medical research really says about the relationship between cannabinoids and headache Those who suffer from migraines know that there are many forms of headaches and that some of these can be highly debilitating, so much as to ruin not only a day but often entire periods of someone’s life. Cyclic or chronic headache is […]