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The advantages of hydroponic cannabis cultivation: what is it and how it works

What How It Works Advantages Hydroponic Cannabis Cultivation

Hydroponics is a cultivation method in which the plant grows out of the soil, with water as the primary substrate. The hydroponic culture allows the in-door production of cannabis, without having to use fertile soil and pesticides, and reducing the consumption of water. These are some advantages of choosing hydroponics. In this article we’re going to […]

What is CBG (cannabigerol)and what are its effects: a therapeutic cannabinoid

What Effects Cbg Cannabigerol Therapeutic Cannabinoid

Things are changing quickly in the world of cannabis: until little time ago very few people knew about the existence of CBD and THC, while now the spotlight is on the new cannabinoids, which promise miracles. In particular, there is much talk in the scientific field of CBG, which could be the next cannabinoid to […]

Cannabis lube: what it is and how to prepare it at home

Cannabis Lube What How To Prepare It Home

Cannabis lubricants are a widely used product  in countries where marijuana is legal. They can improve women’s sexual life (here is a more in-depth analysis on Cannabis and Sex), especially in the case of diseases such as endometriosis. Cannabis dissolved in the lubricant can relax, reduce inflammation and pain, also stimulating the production of natural lubricants. […]