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A complete guide to the choice of rolling papers: materials and length

Guida Completa Scelta Cartine Rollare Materiali Lunghezza

The first time you enter a tobacco shop, if you are not familiar with the use of rolling papers, you could succumb to the infinite choice proposed by the retailer. What are the best papers for smoking tobacco? In this article, we’ll discuss the most common papers, the ideal measurements to roll for one or […]

Is chocolate is more addictive than Cannabis Light?

Cioccolata Crea Piu Dipendenza Della Cannabis Light

Is Cannabis addictive? No, it’s not. Chocolate is. The boom of cannabis and cannabis light has created a real fuss, opening the Pandora’s box of know-it-all politicians who see in the hemp plant as the germ of perdition. These people are very focused on demolishing a phenomenon that they do not understand and do not […]

CBD side effects: what are they? Guidelines for a responsible use

Effetti Collaterali CBD Quali Sono Guida Assunzione Consapevole

How to take cannabidiol safely CBD is a natural molecule derived from cannabis, and it is a cannabinoid with great healing potential. For its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, painkiller and mood regulator qualities, it is highly recommended as a dietary supplement and in the treatment of various diseases. However, could it also have side effects? CBD has […]

CBD and Cannabis Light as a painkiller and natural anti-inflammatory

CBD Cannabis Light Painkiller Anti Infammatory

Can CBD be a valid substitute for Ibuprofen and be used in place of Moment, Brufen and other types of over the counter painkillers? The hemp plant includes over 80 cannabinoids and for many years both science and law have been mostly focusing on the infamous THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), due to its psychoactive effect – what […]

Cannabis use: perceptual, physical and psychological effects

Consumo Cannabis Effetti Percettivi Fisici Psicologici

What happens to the human body when you smoke cannabis? In this article, we want to solve any doubts and curiosities related to the reactions that are triggered in the human body when consuming cannabis. We are not just talking about Cannabis Light (very low THC and high CBD), but about both of those cannabinoids […]

I segreti degli aromi naturali delle infiorescenze di Cannabis Light


Il bello del boom della cannabis light è che ora gli amanti della pianta di canapa sono più che mai motivati a fare quello che da anni sognavano di fare: coltivare cannabis liberamente e a tempo pieno, senza nascondersi e limitare le proprie attività in alcun modo. Dando così vita a una varietà incredibile di […]

How to use hemp oil for the well-being of skin and hair

How use hemp oil for skin hair

We have seen the beneficial properties of the oil extracted from hemp seeds in the diet, but that same oil, with its tasty nutty flavour, can be used to treat skin and hair as a natural restructuring and rehydrating agent. What makes it an important nutrient for our body, also makes it an excellent resource […]