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Cannabis and panic attacks: correlation and management

Cannabis Attacchi Di Panico Correlazione Gestione

One of the side effects of cannabis use that many regular consumers have experienced at least once in their life is the sudden onset of a panic attack while smoking or immediately after consuming marijuana. In this article, we will try to understand why a panic attack happens, how to avoid it and how to […]

How and by whom to have therapeutic cannabis prescribed

Come Da Chi Farsi Prescrivere Cannabis Terapeutica

Therapeutic cannabis has been a reality in Italy for several years now, a medical possibility that raises the hope of many people suffering from chronic diseases or highly debilitating health problems (an example: anorexia!). Unfortunately, there are still many practical difficulties when it comes to getting your own cannabis treatment, primarily when it comes to […]

CBD as a supplement for those who practice sports

CBD IN SPORTS: Cannabidiol removed from the list of prohibited substances. I want to start this article not by listing the many beneficial effects and the various medicinal properties that differentiate CBD from the rest of the cannabinoids we know, but with a piece of news from a few months ago: “The World Anti-Doping Agency […]