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CBD side effects: what are they? Guidelines for a responsible use

Effetti Collaterali CBD Quali Sono Guida Assunzione Consapevole

How to take cannabidiol safely CBD is a natural molecule derived from cannabis, and it is a cannabinoid with great healing potential. For its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, painkiller and mood regulator qualities, it is highly recommended as a dietary supplement and in the treatment of various diseases. However, could it also have side effects? CBD has […]

I segreti degli aromi naturali delle infiorescenze di Cannabis Light


Il bello del boom della cannabis light è che ora gli amanti della pianta di canapa sono più che mai motivati a fare quello che da anni sognavano di fare: coltivare cannabis liberamente e a tempo pieno, senza nascondersi e limitare le proprie attività in alcun modo. Dando così vita a una varietà incredibile di […]

CBD as a supplement for those who practice sports

CBD IN SPORTS: Cannabidiol removed from the list of prohibited substances. I want to start this article not by listing the many beneficial effects and the various medicinal properties that differentiate CBD from the rest of the cannabinoids we know, but with a piece of news from a few months ago: “The World Anti-Doping Agency […]