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Therapeutic cannabis & CBD for thyroid dysfunction & endocrine disorders

disfunzioni tiroide disturbi endocrini cannabis terapeutica cbd

A large number of studies on the potential of cannabinoids suggest that CBD and THC could be very effective in managing the chronic symptoms of people affected with thyroid dysfunction and other endocrine disorders. In this article, we have decided to investigate the topic further and collect data to evaluate the efficacy of therapeutic cannabis […]

Cannabis and panic attacks: correlation and management

Cannabis Attacchi Di Panico Correlazione Gestione

One of the side effects of cannabis use that many regular consumers have experienced at least once in their life is the sudden onset of a panic attack while smoking or immediately after consuming marijuana. In this article, we will try to understand why a panic attack happens, how to avoid it and how to […]

Cannabis and mental disorders: a danger or a possible cure?

Per anni la medicina tradizionale ha sostenuto che il consumo di cannabis potesse scatenare l'insorgenza di disturbi mentali o esacerbarli in caso di condizione preesistente. Oggi molte ricerche sembrano sostenere esattamente il contrario,

For years, traditional medicine has claimed that cannabis use could trigger mental disorders or exacerbate them, in the case of a pre-existing condition. Today, a large number of studies seem to support exactly the opposite, namely that cannabinoids could even be used in the treatment of psyche diseases. As we would like to deepen these […]

How and by whom to have therapeutic cannabis prescribed

Come Da Chi Farsi Prescrivere Cannabis Terapeutica

Therapeutic cannabis has been a reality in Italy for several years now, a medical possibility that raises the hope of many people suffering from chronic diseases or highly debilitating health problems (an example: anorexia!). Unfortunately, there are still many practical difficulties when it comes to getting your own cannabis treatment, primarily when it comes to […]